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Attempt to Replicate WWE Immortals

WWE Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 is a sports game created by Edge Craft Games. The sports game features some of the WWE wrestlers as well as few original characters. It is made for those who have missed WWE Immortals.

Cashing In With What’s Popular Today

WWE Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 is more of a fighting game rather than the traditional wrestling. Anyone familiar with fighting games will notice that everything feels very wrong. The controls are floaty, hit detection is wonky, damage scaling is imbalanced and the enemy A.I. is exploitable. Even casual gamers will find this game terrible at face value. This game only features 5 WWE wrestlers: The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Brock Lesner, and Chris Benoit. Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat is included as a guest character. There are also 2 original characters: Lynch and Mafia. Character portraits are very pixelated in the character select and loading screen. Some wrestlers are misspelled and named incorrectly. For example, Johnny Cage is called “Johny Cage” while Steve Austin is colloquially called “Stone”. The game is built with the Unity engine which is compatible with most mobile devices and other platforms today. Sadly it is being abused by 3rd-rate game developers to produce shoddy games. They reuse store-bought assets, character models, sounds and model rigging system. This is also the main reason why the wrestlers have the same move list despite their models don’t match with the bone hierarchy. The character models are so off, they look like they’re breaking their bones. The model texture is low and very polygonal comparable to earlier PlayStation games. It also plays wrong voices for the characters as defeated wrestler grunts with a female voice. When characters jump above the enemy, they are facing the wrong direction unless the players press the right direction to reorientate themselves. The only moves executable are rapid kicks akin to Street Fighter. There is also a super move but there are no clear instructions on how to execute them properly. There is only single terrible background music and it drones for a very long time. The only good thing about this game is that matches can be paused. There are no distinguishing features between Training Mode and Play, other than the ability to fight against the simple A.I., make the A.I. fight against each other, change stages or select a new character. The More option is closed and no longer available. There are only 3 stages or wrestling rings to fight in with so bland background and empty crowds. The Knockout Mode is a series of gauntlet against the A.I. Even there are curses and crude languages written in the game so parents must watch out. The background music changes when a round is completed. The screen also goes black if the Knockout Mode is cleared, forcing players to log out.

Avoid At All Cost

WWE Wrestling Revolution Fight 2018 is a sad excuse for a fighting game. It lacks the most important element of every wrestling game ever: grappling. The roster is limited and poorly resembles the WWE wrestlers. Anyone familiar with Android games will notice it's a reskinned game from other bootleg Android games found on the market.


  • 8 wrestlers
  • Unity Engine
  • Small system consumption
  • Easy to play


  • Poor attempt to recreate WWE Immortals
  • Poor fighting game controls with no wrestling moves
  • Terrible looking characters
  • Training Mode has time limit

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